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Preparing your quilt top for the long arm

Taking the time to prepare your quilt properly helps to ensure the beauty of your final project.

  • Trim and remove lose threads
  • Mark the top edge
  • Square and press your quilt. Seams should be pressed to the dark side.
  • If your top has a pieced border, stay-stitch around the outer edge to prevent seams from opening
  • Make sure the batting and backing are 6 inches longer and wider than the top.
  • Prewash your batting and backing (if that is your preference).
  • Trim selvedges from the backing fabric, and press and square it; press any seams open
  • and finally...

Think creatively!

What do you want in the design of your quilting? This can be a difficult decision, and may be the reason you've hired me!

Do you want an all-over design? Special treatment in each block? Or a pattern that complements the fabric? Together, we’ll get everything right.

Tools of the Trade

I am happy to recommend the following products for your projects...I use them on my own, so you know they've been "Artichoke Approved".


My favorites include Hobbs battings, especially their Heirloom 80/20, a cotton-polyester blend that needles well, drapes very nicely and feels warm without being heavy.

I also enjoy working with products from the Warm Company (such as Warm and White™).


I use Signature threads in 100% cotton and am building my inventory with evey project. Who knew we needed a thread stash too!

Don't see the information you need here? Please email or call me; I'm happy to help.