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What we do, or our Services...

Most quilts that are sent out to be quilted are a collaboration of work. Providing the raw materials, selecting thread, and suggesting the density of quilting and specific patterns are all services I can provide.

My talent and experience combine with your original concept of this quilt to get just what you’re looking for. For me, long arm quilting is a labor of love.

Raw Materials: The better the quality, the better the quilt.

  • Thread: High quality thread is a must, for look, function and general durability of your quilt. Typically, I use Superior threads, but also have Madera, YLI and other beautiful selections.
  • In-House Batting: I stock Hobbs 80/20, which is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It’s a long time favorite of quilters, and the polyester gives it a bit more loft than 100% cotton or the bamboo battings. When I can get it, I stock Fairfield’s bamboo blend, which is 50% bamboo (naturally antibacterial) and 50% organic cotton. It has a depth similar to Warm and Natural©, and quilts, washes and wears beautifully.
  • Your batting: Wool is lovely to work with, as is silk. I also like Hobb’s Tuscany collection and, of course, the battings from The Warm Company™. Remember, as with thread, the better the batting, the better the quilt. Cheap batting can be lumpy, cause tufts out the top or bottom of the quilt, or just feel yucky. Always use materials that will show off your beautiful quilt!


All over quilting in simple patterns, heirloom block designs, haute moderne concepts—all things are possible with long arm quilting. How your quilt is finished is based on discussions around its final look and use.

Will a child have it? Make it sturdy, with fun images and cotton thread.

Is it to be a gift? Heirloom or traditional stitching may be lovely.

Will it go on the bed, to be covered with 2 dogs, a cat and 3 beautiful children? Durability is key for this one!

Is it made from antique linens, from your high school graduate’s jeans, or from that incredible pattern you just saw at The Needle and I? Your finished quilt all depends on what you want.

So what can I do for you?

  • All over simple design, open with continuous patterns
  • All over design with attention to borders or blocks, or special elements, such as animals or flowers
  • Multi-color thread designs, small background fills sugh as clamshells, stippling or others—let’s brainstorm!
  • Traditional patterns with stops and starts, intricate details—the sky’s the limit.


I charge between $5 and $12 for each thread used. Battings are charged at market rate. Quilting costs between 1.75 and 5 cents per square inch, which means a king-sized quilt, at 100 inches per side, will cost between $175 and $500 to quilt. Shipping is at postal rates. Commission quilts are quoted based on time spent for consultation, design and work, materials purchased or supplied, and quilting done. Taxes are collected and paid on all supplies and labor, in accordance with applicable tax laws (blah-de-blah blah on that one, eh?). And all rates are subject to change.

Send me an email, or give me a call! Let's talk about what I can do for you.