About Me

Artichoke Quilts was incorporated in 2005, and since then, I have completed over 1000 quilts and have years of professional experience with quilting relationships throughout the Pacific Northwest (PNW).

Many years of my life were spent pursuing an engineering career in computer testing and standards documentation, entertaining various employers with my organization skills and commanding personality, and raising all my amazing children. I am a New Yorker with western roots, so when I moved to Washington, it was like I was finally home.

I Joined a Guild

Since I joined Busy Bees in 1997, my quilting world has exploded. Belonging to quilting guilds gives me exposure to quilts, artists, technology, new ideas and trends, and has been a delight. Here in the PNW, we live in a quilting mecca of sorts – I am a proud member of three local guilds, Quilters Anonymous, Busy Bee Quilters, and Stray Threads Quilt Guild.


I Love to Quilt

I love the fabric, the thread, the combinations, the techniques in piecing and construction, the design process – I love it all! I attend the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show annually, unless I’m riding my bicycle from Seattle to Portland. I go on quilting retreats whenever I can. I participate in national shows (such as Houston) with my mum, who’s been an inspiration over the years. I take about 30 hours of continuing education (quilting classes – who doesn’t love them!) every year, and I quilt every day. I shop everywhere I go, and gain inspiration from architecture, fashion, nature, organized piles of lumber, tree stumps – there is so much around us!

So, let’s discuss your project and get your quilt to the finished stage.

Why Artichoke?

Truly, the artichoke is a delectable treat. Unique and nutty, the artichoke can inspire with complex preparation or delight when simply steamed with drawn butter. It is worth the effort. As a member of the thistle family, the plant grows slowly and has many phases of beauty amidst the developing colors and flavors.  It’s one of my favorite foods!

These characteristics, joined with a desire for an unencumbered quilting emblem, came together for a great business name and an inspiring logo.

Greens and purples, rewarded patience, and just plain fun? Welcome to Artichoke Quilts. Let’s get started.