• You make the top and bring it to me.
  • We discuss the eventual use for the quilt, the thread and batting choices, design options for stitching.
  • We determine a price for services expected.
  • You leave the quilt and I do the quilting for you.
  • You pick it up, pay me and finish it with binding and label.

Easy, right?


The price I quote you is fairly firm, and will not change unless we discuss it. 

Quoting prices is not possible without discussion.  That said, here are some guidelines.

Quilting here is quoted by the square inch.  Prices start at 2.5 cents per square inch and go up from there. Factors that increase the price include pattern design, density of stitching, number of separately quilted borders.

So, if you have a Block of the Month Quilt that needs complimentary quilting to match each block, with sashing and posts around each, with 3 borders, you may be looking at 3.8 to 6 cents per square inch.  Variables may include color thread changes, density of quilting, stitch in the ditch (SID) and more.

Other services are billed at $25 per hour.  These may include pressing of the quilt top or back, cutting, constructing and attaching binding, sewing down binding by hand or machine, basting a quilt for hand quilting, shopping for backing fabric, prewashing backing and extensive thread clipping.

Local Tax of 10.4% will be charged on all quilting, services and supplies.


Thread is all from Superior Threads™.  It’s what my machine likes. It costs from $5 per quilt.  I have cotton and polyester of various weights and gorgeous colors, tri-lobal polyesters with sheen and variegation, metallic threads in many colors and more.   As if having tons of fabric wasn’t enough!


I stock 2 battings: Hobbs™ 80/20 ($8.50 per 96” wide linear yard), and Hobbs Tuscany Wool™ ($14 per 96” wide linear yard).  You may provide other batting to me for use, but they must be of good quality, flat, and not worn or dirty. I often use various battings from The Warm Co™, and have access to many other batting through my network of local quilters.